Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teatro: 2

Caligula the musical.  Yes I'm serious.  I was tired and thought it would be fun and easy.  (Pattern forming here…)  And I had read that when the piece was first performed in 1983, it was a coded protest of Argentina's decade of military rule.  Maybe that would be interesting?

Well, Calígula was the glammest, gayest, Vegas-est, 80's synth-power-pop-est ode to the sculpturally lit male torso that I expect to see for quite some time.  Somewhat unfortunately though, none of this was tongue-in-cheek: there were epic quantities of dramatic weeping, raging, and (yes) maniacal laughing.  One felt powerfully for the actors who were so fully committing themselves to the over-the-topness of it all.  Which made it a bit tough to just gleefully wallow in the camp.   

But by no means an evening to regret.  And the Ciudad Cultural KONEX is a very neato venue.

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  1. "Fucking and sucking I'll cut off your head, then I'll skull fuck you to make sure you're dead." Opening number of Caligula, the musical.