Sunday, August 4, 2013

Teatro 3

Another English play in translation: Traición de Harold Pinter. 10pm curtain.  Didn't get a chance to read it in avance and regretted that a bit, even though I thought I knew it pretty well. Unlike the Rebeck this had not been turned into a sex farce (can't win'em all).  On the contrary, as far as I could tell the translation was very responsible (by Rafael Spregelburd, a prolific Argentine playwright I've been told many times I should meet). The production was solid-- amazing video titles explaining the backwards chronology of the play (I'm not positive that's the best call, but having made it, it did look like a million bucks.)  Some great director work with the actors on non-verbal moments that really delivered.  Overall the acting felt a bit casual for my taste on this text-- there were some laughs I think one wants to not get. Not the first time I've seen that happen with this play it must be said.  Maybe the lesson here is that wherever it may roam, Betrayal is an easier play to love on the page than it is to pull off.  Would love to have a crack at it some day.

It is becoming impossible not to notice an Argentine fixation on putting women on stage in INSANE platform high heels.  Like disco clown shoes.  I mean, Emma (below) is a brittle intellectual art gallery curator!  I have to say the look has a drag queen appeal that I can't deny.

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